My Story

My Story Connyn Young

Hi, my name is Conny.

A very warm welcome to my website. I would love to share my story with you, and maybe you can relate to some of it. Let me begin a few years back:

Yes, just a few years ago, I found myself in a situation where I had to sell my business, which I loved for the past 25 years.

Do you remember 2008 when the financial crisis happened? Yes, this is where it all started.

My business slowed down, and in 2009 I moved with my family to another country. I still kept my brick-and-mortar business until 2012, but my income was not the same, and I sold everything in 2012.

With my business gone, living in another country, facing so many challenges, I lost my self-esteem very fast, had no self-worth, and the worst thing I felt that my retirement wasn’t secure. On top of it, I was bored of not having a purpose. I realized I was not able to build another business because of the language barrier and that broke me apart.

Honestly, it was the worst time of my life…

Today I see it clear that we will not see changes without making changes, and I mean any changes. 

But to tell you the truth, I thought I made the right changes in my life. Growing up in Germany, spending one year in NY and living in the Caribbean for 25 years, and now reside in South-America, life has always been an adventure for me! But what went wrong??

For 25 years, I had it all. My family, I was so content with everything I had, I was happy, had a great relationship, was confident, motivated, driven, and with a thriving business I loved.


from 2014 till 2018, I had terrible years:

I had so many worries and felt they were pulling me down. My income stopped, I felt without a purpose and I was not sure my retirement was secure, even though everyone else thought I should be financially well off.

Have you ever had that your positivity suddenly goes to negativity? Days are just passing, and you have no goals, no motivation? Worries keep you up all night? Well, that was me!!

I often asked myself: What if….

  • I had invested my money better.
  • I had made different decisions and choices.
  • I had understood the importance of learning new business models.
  • I don’t have enough money for my retirement?

I blamed myself a lot, and I knew then and there that it is time to start something new.

But it was all about learning from mistakes and about actions I never took. I did not know I had the key to a better and happier life all along but was worried about learning new things for too long. I thought I was too old!!

So I started my new journey with the law of attraction, mindset, goal setting, and relationship building. Finally, I created an online business that I thought was impossible for me as I had no online space knowledge.

It wasn’t always easy, but well worth it. Building new relationships with like-minded people has built back my confidence, and now I love helping people turn their lives around.

We all can claim back what we want to be. Make changes and learn new things. We all have the key but often do not see a way to open the door of opportunities.

Join my journey; You, too, can make changes.

Create the freedom you want, take the new opportunities, have more time to travel and with your family, and please don’t worry that you have never done it before. Starting an online business can give you back the life you always wanted. You can create passive income and start rebuilding your retirement savings.

Want to know a little more??

  • I am a wife, mother of two, and grandmother to a little girl, who lovingly tells me I’m the best Granny in the world.
  • There were always animals in my life, many dogs, cats, parrots, and even a little monkey I rescued. 
  • I love the sound of the ocean but not just any; I love the Caribbean. The aqua blue and green shades, the smell, the feel, the salt on my lips, the breeze, and the dolphins in it.
  • My love for traveling and exploring is big.
  • Reds, blues, and yellows make me happy. I am not sure if it the warmth in the summer or the tones, but people are smiling when they see bright colors.
  • Spices are a must in my kitchen, and I experiment with lots of homemade hot pepper sauces. It must have come from my time living in the Caribbean. Spicy food is a way of life in the Caribbean.
  • I Love to cook  Caribbean Creole food. The southernmost nation of the West Indies in the Caribbean has the best food, in my opinion.  Since so many countries have colonized it in the years gone by, food taste is fantastic.
  • Flowers and gardening are part of my life, but I have to admit it only came with age. I would have laughed if my mom had told me that 30 years ago.  
  • Ask me to do any DIY project, and I am in for it.
  • I am born on Christmas day, which makes me an angel, and I can forget and forgive very quickly.
  • I am never angry for long, always optimistic, hardworking, and I like to help others.
  • I love simple, small old wooden houses with a porch and a hammock outside.
  • I believe in manifesting, meditation, the Law of Attraction, and the fact that we are never too old to learn new things.
  • I admire beautiful things but do not need to own them. I like to feed my eyes, enjoy and praise, but will never be jealous that you might have them.
  • My favorite colors to wear are earth tones—Beige, white, brown, cream, and orange. Agua and teal are as well in the color pallet.
  • I have a sweet tooth for white chocolate and Marzipan.
  • I love reading, but it must be the right book
  • Music makes me happy😊
  • Watersports were a big part of my life, but since I have aged, it has vanished:)

Yep here it goes.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and I would love to get to know you too.

Hope to get connected soon