How to Achieve a Transformational Shift in 2021

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Do you know that we can use our experiences in 2020 to create a transformational shift in 2021?

We can say that last year brought us various worst events that affected millions of lives worldwide.

Many of us lost our jobs, shut down our business, but our life at risk to fulfill our duties as front liners, embraced with fear of having these diseases, and some of us have departed and didn’t make it to survive. 

However, these experiences have something good to offer.

You have to discover the benefits of these crises.

Use it as your capital to create greatness this year. You might think that it is impossible. Moreover, that the virus is still there, there is even a new strain, and there is a tendency that things may get worse. 

But think about this- The World has survived many disasters, world wars, and deadly pandemics, but we were able to surpass all of it and create transformational shifts year after year.

These kinds of crises want us to learn lessons that we can use in our future.

Use the pain and loss of the past as an inspiration to step forward. See the silver lining waiting in your future. 

Nevertheless, you have to allow yourself to see that life lesson and be ready to apply it in this next stage of your life. Learn also to let go of the fear, sadness, frustrations, and pain of your past.

It is a new year- a unique opportunity to create an excellent beginning and fruitful end.  

How to start a transformational shift?

1. Identify the lesson you can extract from the past year and apply it to the next stage of your life.

Yes, this is your key to unlock significant changes this year. Like I mentioned earlier, use the learnings in 2020 as your capital for this year. If you lose your job or business, what did you learn from it? Some people lose theirs too, but it opens new opportunities to explore the new world the pandemic offers. An online business starts to boom even more, and entrepreneurs start to try it, and their profits continue to flow. 

There might also be less work available in physical working places. However, there are now a lot of virtual working opportunities that open supporting these online businesses. People love this kind of setup because it also gives them more time to spend with their family at the same time. 

You’ll learn that you can find great opportunities still at this time. You may also realize that there is more that you can do, and you can try things that actually can help you keep going. It is not the end. It is the beginning of a new normal that brings new opportunities and chances. 

2. Aim for bigger dreams

Be ready to double down on your new dreams after you identify the life lessons. Discover the opportunities that the new year can offer. Dream bigger. Believe that you can create incredible growth. Allow yourself to explore and learn new things to adapt to the new normal. Yes, this is something new that can also bring new levels of heights in success and happiness. 

“You can dream bigger, and this is the perfect time to do it.” 

The more you dig deeper into your aspirations and dreams, the more you discover that you can pursue grander. 

3. Keep the momentum

Consistency in keeping your momentum is crucial. If you have a dream, you have to keep moving. Do not let any challenges, criticism, and self-doubts stop you. Remember that you can’t create change if you do not change what you did in the past. What happened in 2020 can still happen this year if you will not make any change if you will not consistently keep your momentum in reaching your bigger dreams. 

If it doesn’t challenge you, it will not change you. It will not change anything in your life. 

You can do it! Keep the fire of your desire burning and go after your dreams.

You are capable of creating a transformational shift.

Any of us can do transformational shifts. If you start doing this right now, I bet you will rock the 2021 and end up with a bang. Do not let the past hold you back to achieve something better and grander this year. The past will repeat itself if you do not transform yourself. The way you think, and the way you look at challenges you’ve been through.

No matter what goes in your way this year, 2021, if you have a stronghold in your bigger dreams, nothing can stop you. Do not let history repeat itself in your life. You always have a choice to create change in your future. 

You are capable of doing this. Do this right and consistently. You’ll be amazed that at the end of the year, you were able to achieve the transformation shift in 2021.  



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