Becoming a better you after retirement

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Retirement gives you the freedom to do things that you love and things you were deprived of before. It also gives you the freedom to find your authentic self and become much more than you have ever been. 

Having more leisure time is essential to improve the quality of your life. But this leisure time is also the best part of retirement that allows you to have a new life, pursue new and creative goals, and renew your energy. You’ve been working for decades, and this is the right time to become better than before by discovering your true selves and living the life that you wanted.

Marcus Tullius Cicero, a great Roman philosopher, orator, and Statesman, once said: “Leisure consists in all those virtuous activities by which man grows morally, intellectually, and spiritually. It is that which makes a life worth living.” Productively spending your leisure time will help you make self-actualization and grow as a human. If you learn how to be productive in your own free time and take the initiative to take action, it will help you become better than before.

Becoming new you 

Like what I mentioned above, retirement allows you to become much more than you before. It will enable you to become who you wanted to be. You might forget what you wanted to be. You might set it aside because you give way to other priorities and responsibilities. Thus, working suppressed becoming your desired true self. 

Our desired identity was trapped inside for a longer time. Our society and norms might have conditioned us. We thought that we should continue working till getting old and for complete hours.

You can make the most of your retirement becoming the new you. The you that you wanted to be. Here’s how you can become new you: 

1. Pursuing your desired career

Now that you have given up the work that becomes your career for years or decades, retirement will create your desired identity. You might pursue a job that was not your desire. Now that you retire, time to give yourself what you want and deserve. Pursue now your interest or desired career by taking classes or training. Join an organization or group with the same mind or goal.

2. Redefining yourself

Time to recycle and redefine yourself during your retirement. Give yourself time to remind yourself of your desired goals before. Recognize what you genuinely want and kick start your desire, hobbies, interest, or career. Commit yourself to do those things. Start also removing any toxic habits or things that don’t serve you well. 

You can also identify your best traits that can best define you. It will help you identify who you are. 

3. Create a routine

Making your desires part of your routine will help you achieve your new identity. If you want to pursue arts, start having art time every day. You may also join art classes or organizations and take part in their activities. By these, you are hastening your skills and your new identity as an artist. 

4. Make a title

You do not want to be called only a “Retiree.” or you can have even more than that. Find a new title that can best define you. Enjoy creating a new title for yourself.

You can start a career by mastering your skills or experience, and take a further step of learning a new career. You can also be a connoisseur of life’s pleasure. Sounds amazing, right? 

Retirement a phase of self-discovery

Retirement gives you an incredible opportunity to discover yourself. Rediscover yourself and find who you wanted to be and who you are. You might have put it in a treasure box for a long time. It’s time to open the chest of who you want to become. 

Your age should not be a hindrance to becoming better than who you were before. You might be scared at first to try something new. Remember that retirement is a new chapter where you can have a fresh start. 

It is the time to create a healthy new identity, a healthy new you. Pursue a new lifestyle that can bring a big difference in your life. Do something that is not so much a job but something that is fun to do. It can be any of your passion, hobby, or interest. 

Start becoming the best version of yourself. Set your true-self free by enjoying your retirement and becoming who you wanted to be. 

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