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These Are The Top 4 Successful Online Businesses:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital product creation (books, courses, etc.)
  • Coaching and consulting
  • Events and Masterminds

Do you not know where to start? But would like to find a way to get extra income? OMG, so many options, so much glitter is out there. But be sure about a few things. If you  start an online business you will get

  • Location freedom
  • Low overhead cost
  • No need to keep inventory
  • No need to create a product and
  • You can generate high profits…

These are the business models that can give you all that!

You might say, this is not going to work … and guess what, this is precisely what many friends and family told me as well.

You might hear things like: There is too much glitter, and people bost about the millions they make online. Maybe you think that you are too old… and you have no experience. Yeh yeh yeh.

If you listen to “friends and family,” you might lose out on this business opportunity.

Let me tell you a short story and what I have learned from it:

In my early 20’s, I left Europa to live in the USA to learn English. I hoped that if I speak another language well, I can get a better job. That was sort of acceptable by friends and family. But while in the USA, I got an opportunity to work on a Caribbean island, and I took it because I did not aim for the 9 to 5 job in Europe… but guess what family and friends had to say?

Conny… no, you can not work there, it is a 3rd world country, and you can not make enough money, and what about your medical insurance… Come back and get an excellent job in Europe.

I did not do that. Guess what: I followed my instinct and can proudly say I had a great life, build a business( brick and mortar), raised two lovely kids with my husband, and, best of all: I had fun doing it.

Now coming back to my new business opportunity of starting an online business:

Same thing: all friends and family were skeptical and want to give advice.

But it would be best if you only took advice from people who have a great life and enjoy what they do and have a quality lifestyle—people who have done what you want to do.

JUST GET STARTED and chose the best online business for you!

When I speak to a friend and say that my goal was to make this high monthly income, they hang their heads down because they did not think it is possible.

Affiliate marketing is hard work, and it does not come overnight, but it can give you all you are looking for, and you can secure your retirement, even though you start in your 50’s.

With the right mentor and guidance, you can do it. One more thing I would like to mention: go with high ticket offers because when you do the maths, you realize that you cannot sell $10.00 products if you want to leverage a higher monthly income. Many affiliate offers can give you up to $1000 per sale. It is better to sell 1 product than 100 product, wouldn’t you agree.

Join my journey to start online after 50. You can start learning about the business model right here.

PS. You can start at any age. Remember, retirement is ahead for all of us.

Take care, and thanks for reading.



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