Do you know that you can start an online business at any age?

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Today I want to share a program with you that has changed my life in so many ways. 

2 years ago, I had no affiliate marketing or tech-related skills whatsoever. I had a first-hand encounter with the Legendary Marketers, which changed my life forever, which I will share with you today. I was able to build and secure my retirement because Dave Sharpe has created this fantastic Educational Platform.

There are tons of online marketing training platforms out there, and only a few are worth your hard-earned $ money, but Legendary Marketer is simply the best in my option.

I say this because I have been through a few different training platforms, and the value Legendary Marketer provides is unbeatable.

After a couple of months of hearing about this, I finally gave it a shot, with quite a lot of hesitation, I admit. BUT…the program provides 100% value training. From the start, I joined a community full of support.

Let’s know more about the Legendary Marketer.

This Legendary Marketer training program was created by David Sharpe and specifically built for online marketers and people who had any online business. The idea behind this design was focused on helping people to build an online business. Education is essential and not making quick money for the company.

As I continued to watch Dave’s videos, I began to gain confidence in his business. I learned how much he really cared about his students. The more I researched, the more I got to know him and the way he motivates new entrepreneurs, and I also learned a lot of his values in life. AMAZING!

The program teaches students basic practices needed in any business performed online.

The Legendary marketer training sessions are targeted at novice and intermediate marketers interested in growing their online businesses with a well-structured idea and premise.

The low-end products like the marketers club and the 15-day challenge make it less stressful to get people interested. Professional affiliate marketers enjoy rich affiliate programs as well, which is why no category is left out. You must also know that one can earn massive affiliate commissions from high-end products like the business blueprints and even live events for a lifetime. Yes, that is right. You bring a customer to LM, and they buy something in 1 year or later, you still get the commission.

Are you wondering what the best parts of Legendary Marketer?

So how do you leverage on the best part of the Legendary Marketer?

The training conducted is impressive. People attending sing praises based on the significant growth they notice in their online business after taking action on the knowledge received from the training. The 15-day online business challenge alone added immense value to me, and this is just the beginning.

The Marketers Club is another super important tool that allows you to gain seamless access to training from and interviews with 6 to 7 figure affiliates. The process provides you with a complete explanation of various marketing theories via weekly webinar replays to ensure that contents are up to date and promote your engagement during the program.

A deep dive into the training

In my experience, nothing beats its second-best feature, which is the affiliate back ends. This feature allows the user to be familiarized with proven funnels meant for the Legendary book and help Marketers Challenge Clubs get clients into the system. This, however, depends significantly on your preference, and there is also an opportunity to get a follow-up on your leads, which could be carried out by yourself if you want it that way. Using Aweber, Sendlane, and GetResponse helps your autoresponder to be directly integrated.

You can actually entirely customize your funnels with the use of ClickFunnels, consequently with your affiliate program. This is why, from this stage, you are provided with access to a corresponding share funnel, and your affiliate link, including Aweber, ClickFunnels, and GetResponse, will also be added to your back ends. Things get interesting when you get a commission, i.e. if any of your referrals sign up for a Legendary under you. This contains highly Inspiring features, including the introduction of affiliate badges and leaderboards to increase competition and effectiveness.

New features such as the weekly training were added earlier in the year 2019, making Legendary Marketer a better program with every update. Amazing right?

That’s not all.

David took the option to reshoot all videos and adjust some old rules, which made legendary less appealing, talking about a great man. There was a total overhaul in the entire product line this year that would ensure the creation of this much-acclaimed 15-day challenge. I have done the challenge twice—first the old one and later the new 15-day challenge.

Amazing how much you can learn.

The last feat I will talk about here is the customer support system that is always actively responsive. The team David has together put in high esteem the quick response or feedback that anyone would need. It is ok to ask questions as you go on in the course, but be rest assured that someone will aptly respond to you.

As you sign up, you are provided with the opportunity to go through the whole 15 Days of the Challenge. You should also have scheduled and called your business coach at least twice. This alone is worth every penny.

You can promote Legendary Marketer for free, but it allows you to reach the highest commission levels as an affiliate. You would be asked to sign up for the plan that will enable you to earn the full 40–60% commissions on most of the products at the rate of $30.00 per month.

Legendary Marketer Scope

What can you get from Legendary Marketer as a customer? It depends on which products you have purchased. Legendary Marketer is made up of various products.

I earlier mentioned that you could sign up for the Legendary Marketer program through a few different funnels. But the two main ones are through the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge and the Legendary Marketer’s club, so that I will explicitly talk about both of them.

The 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge

15 days online business builder challenge, as the name implies, is indeed challenging. However, in this period, participants will be exposed to the basic concepts of building your unique online business. You are bound to increase gain a vast well of knowledge as the recent changes to the builder challenge have made it more interactive, understandable, yet still enriched with great content and a better experience.

You are allowed the opportunity to access and enjoy the full benefits of conversing with your assigned business coach, who is always there for advice. The 15-day challenge guarantees a 30-day money-back if you don’t like any of the products, and it is priced at a one-time fee of $7.

Legendary Marketers Club

The Legendary Marketers club feature, the second platform, comprises a set of training modules that feature an interactive interview with 6 to 7 figure marketers and videos related to different online market theories. I consider the access to the webinar replays very useful as I can always go back to be helped with recaps. This package is due at a flat rate of $30 per month on your subscription.

Matt Hetzel, one of the very best trainers on the platform, holds his webinar live each week. He has a habit of bringing specific topics to focus on. At a proposed time, his webinars are posted for replays at the marketer club, especially when you are not familiar with the topic that has been treated in the week. The value and the results of this replay are extraordinary. I can clearly recall watching a video that Matt made. In the video, he created Ads for an actual word campaign. It was inspiring to watch as it finds practical results when applied.

The Traffic Rolodex Bundle

Legendary offers a medium ticket product called the Traffic Rolodex, knowing traffic to be the bedrock of all affiliate marketers. People operate this. Therefore, you must always click on your affiliate links to see what you offer, and the attempt to continually build traffic here is the only way you win. This product extensively teaches how to strategize with various paid traffic tools.

You can access these eight modules. These modules include;


1. AdWords Ads 2.0

 2. Facebook Ads 2.0

3.  Google Display Network (GDN) 2.0

4.  Instagram Ads

5.  Landing Pages

6.  Native Ads

7.  Youtube 2.0

8. Twitter Ads 2.0

These modules are exhaustive and comprehensive. The Facebook Ads module, which I have had the opportunity to complete, comprises high-level intricacies and concrete groundwork for attracting traffic to the various platforms.

Business Bundles

On day 2 of the challenge, David Sharpe talks about the Core 4 high ticket business models. Notice that these are the high-end products that Legendary Marketers offer. These business models blueprints are;

1. Digital Products

2. Affiliate Marketing

3. Coaching & Consulting

4. Events and Masterminds

A lot of these business models are operational because they align with the following criteria to generate income.

1. Selling high ticket products to increase revenue

2. Doing repeat business with those same customers

3. Getting more customers

The Legendary Marketer program has business blueprints for all four high ticket models.

A training video goes deep on each of the topics in the Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint. There are Mp3 audio and PDF files available for download and use offline along with the video lessons, so you can always go back for reference. To acquire each blueprint separately will cost $2500, but you can, during the builder challenge, have the opportunity of purchasing an upsell in which you will get access to all four blueprints for $2500. It is truly priceless. For me so far, the Affiliate Marketing Blueprint has given me the start of my business. If you want to bring your business to the next level or just start building your business, this investment will pay itself back very quickly.

In conclusion, on this part of the high ticket program, you will learn all you need to get started from Steph, one of my favorite presenters if you are new at affiliate marketing. She is excellent and very experienced.

Topics like ‘creating an Affiliate Marketing Funnel lesson’ and the ‘section on email marketing’ are dear to my heart, and I found them useful.

Events and Masterminds

The live event of the Legendary Marketers program is Legendary Marketers. The present listing of these event includes;

1. Legendary Leadership Group

2. The Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind

3. Legendary Marketer Mastermind

4.👉DFY Brand Builder (😊It is on my bucket list)

Legendary hasn’t fallen short on their brand promise so far as I am concerned, and they have been producing sound results.

I have now learned all that is needed to start an online business.

DFY Brand Builder, to me, is the fascinating option, and this is fitting because your entire business will be created for you by Legendary in a hands-on workshop session.

I haven’t been to attend one of their live events before, so I personally cannot say much about their live events. But in the Marketer’s Club videos comprise some talks that were given by these masterminds. It is good to consider that you can take advantage of their upsells, which will save you a lot of money since there are no Legendary Marketer discounts.

One way to get the most of the package is to get your first upsell on Marketer’s club when you agree to pay the yearly package, which will automatically save a big chunk of cash on the entire bill. During the 15 Day Online Business Builder challenge, at a one-time fee rate, you will be granted full access to the Business Blueprint Bundle encompassing the four business blueprint bundles, the Traffic Rolodex, and a one-year costless Legendary Pro Affiliate account. The package has a legendary tuition reimbursement plan to get your complete money for the Business Blueprint back. You have sold ten Business Blueprints bundles in 2 years, which qualifies you for the full amount’s reimbursement.

What else am I missing about the Legendary Marketer program? Is it a money-hungry company?

Absolutely not!!

Based on the different marketer reviews before this write-up, the Legendary Marketer program is in no way a rip-off.

It is doing quite the opposite: It is transforming lives. Being carefully structured and organized by masters in this area, it is a far cry to call it just another money-hungry marketing company. They are 100% EDUCATIONAL, making sure the students have success.

You can visit the official Facebook group. If you need assistance in Legendary Marketer advertising as an affiliate, you can as well send me a message.

I have learned that there are many ways to make money online, some legal and a lot illegal. Legendary Marketer is a valuable educational platform.  It teaches you the fundamentals needed in the foundation of a successful business.

The legendary marketer program is open for everyone looking forward to promoting an affiliate program. Therefore, I recommend that, for starters, you try out the 15-day online business builder challenge. Afterward, only a couple of programs can offer you the types of packages that legendary has. And what’s more? You get to enjoy more affiliate commissions that you might have missed out on much already, so why not sign up today?

Legendary Marketers has changed my life and if you like to start your first online affiliate marketing business, get the Legendary training.

I hope to see that you will start your first online journey or bring your business to the next level.

Thanks for reading

Take care for now



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